Thursday, March 1, 2012

he said i should meet this talented singaporean kid. he said this kid was handsome.
i said there's a possibility he's not my type.
it was a sunday and he looked just like you back in 2007.
beige jacket, tshirt, long hair, glasses, only your face was more narrow.

i brought a funny transparent plastic ball with colourful beads inside. we all messed around with it. i noticed his hands were like yours, probably the same size as well.

emailed you, not expecting a reply or anything for that matter. had to google your name to find your email, momo. momo. no no. monono. momono.

he's studying geography. he likes it.
you called. do you still like all things nice and pretty?
of course i've been stalking you. (i admit, i do, from time to time. not so often because it makes me sad.) looks like a bleak future.
always have been a bleak future.

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